Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you do T-shirt printing?

Although this is in the longer term plans of what I would like to do, I do not yet have the equipment for direct garment printing. So for now it's just blank shirts.

Q: Why does this page look like it was made in 1997?

I believe the purpose of a web site is to convey information. None of the 'inovations' in web development since then really facilitate that any better.

By writing the page in the old style it remains compatible with older browsers. Too many sites use stuff they don't need to that adds browser requirements, the newer browsers at some point don't work with older operating systems. The newer operating systems at some point don't work with older hardware. So a lot of the overly complex junk coding used by many web sites is contributing to the E-waste problem by preventing perfectly functional hand me down computers that still work from being used.

Also by keeping the code 'human readable' it makes the site easier to maintain.

Q: Why is this web site 'not secure'?

Although some browser makers are pushing the idea that every web site needs to be https rather than http this is not actually the case. A site only needs to be encrypted if you are submitting or recieving financial or other private information through it.

Since this is an old-timey mail order business and actual orders get sent physically by the trusty postman/postwoman no credit cards or other personal details are gathered on the site. This web site is simply a catalog.

The other argument is that it prevents a 'man in the middle' from tampering with the site before you see it. Generally this is only an issue when using a small number of free WIFI spots that insert their own ads into the page.

Although it's possible that your home ISP could take some/all of the pages you browse and add in ads or run the pages through the pornalizer for the lulz before sending them on to you, if they do it's time for you to change ISPs. After all you are the one paying your ISP to move information not monkey with it. ^_-

Finally some sites are already using encryption that doesn't work with the last version of Google Chrome that will run on XP. So if you have a computer that won't run a newer operating system than XP there are sites you literally can't browse unless you buy a whole new computer.

Meanwhile my site is still fully visible to the person who is using a Windows 95 machine with Mozilla Firefox 1.0.1. ^_- (If this is you do put a firewall between your computer and the internet though as you no longer get security patches and there are worms that go after Windows it's self, though this is also a good idea even for newer versions of Windows. ^_-)

So in my case, as is actually the case for a lot of the web, https creates compatibility issues for no real benefit.

For those of you who are concerned that the CIA, CSIS, FSB, Mossad and the Chinese Communist Party all know that you are thinking about buying an American made T-shirt from some guy in Canada...should I be including a link to a maker of Tin Foil for that hat you want to make? ^_- (OK, maybe the Chinese Communist Party is a problem if you actually live in the People Repblic of China....-_-)

Q: Why don't you take credit cards?

There are extra costs and business risks associated with them.

For now it's just old-timey mail order with checks or money orders.

There is a crypto currency processing platform that I will be looking into but it is not yet clear when/if that will be available.

Q: How was the business name chosen?

At the time I got my amature radio (AKA ham radio) license all callsigns issued in Manitoba began with 'VE4' so 'Very Eager 4' was a phonetic play on words of the 'VE4' prefix.

Since I can't use my initials in the clothing business for legal reasons (apparently somebody used that in their store name first) I chose to make my business name out of the other half of my ham call sign. ^_^

So you could say I decided to 'ham it up' with my business name. ^_-

Q: Why is your size 2XL model so butt ugly?

This is a start up and I can't afford a better looking model, keep in mind the freelance photographer was a guy with a 'will work for food' sign and a cell phone with a camera in it. ^_-

Q: What did you feed to the "will work for food" guy?

He recieved a chicken strip combo from A&W.

Q: What about the other 2 models in the pictures linked on the special order page?

For shirt colors I haven't had in stock I use photos from the manufacturer to show the shirt color, the size of shirt they are modeling is unknown.

Q: I came here before the site was up and you just had a placeholder page. Can I get that original art you drew?

Sure, here it is:

Feel free to use it. Please link back to me if you do, I can use any free advertising I can get. ^_-

Q: Can I speak with your manager?

Unfortunately this business is so small it can't afford a manager. If you'ld like you can E-mail our fashion model, just send the E-mail to the address on the contact page with [ATTN: FASHION MODEL] in the subject line. ^_-