How to Order

(Updated Sep. 13/2022)

This is an "old-timey" mail order business (founded in 2019, it's so retro ^_-) so for all you young whipersnappers here's how vintage-style mail order works... ^_^

Shirts are visually quality checked at least once between arriving from my supplier and being shipped out so you should never receive one with any defects.

All Sales are final. (Yes Karen, that applies to you too. ^_-)

If you pay by Canadian check I will allow at least a week after depositing it for it to clear before shipping your order (or in the case of special orders before placing the order with my supplier). Generally this won't make a big difference as I only go to the Post Office once a week most weeks. (I still work another job besides this.)

Foreign checks (where accepted) will have longer hold times.

Do not under any circumstances bounce a check! Due to me allowing time for it to clear before shipping you can't gain anything by doing this. If someone still bounces a check and my bank charges me a fee, the person sending the bad check will be expected to re-imburse me the fee, by a means other than check. (For obvious reasons.) If they fail to re-imburse me this web site will have a "wall of shame" page added on which they will be listed so other people/organizations know to not accept their checks. ^_-

If you are bad at math or have an unreliable bank or multiple people have access to the same checking account you might consider going to your local post office and purchasing a money order instead. I accept checks so people who are good enough at managing their checking account and patient enough to wait for it to clear can save the cost of money order fees.

For anyone that is confused by my preference for U.S. spelling:


Items that are special order will take longer, items that are back ordered at my wholesaler may take longer than that.