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Los Angeles Apparel - Size 2XL

Los Angeles Apparel product are all made in the U.S.A., specifically in Los Angeles, Califonia.

Their name actually means something. ^_^


(What men call this color: Light Blue)

Royal Blue

(What men call this color: Dark Blue leaning towards Purple)


(OK, everyone calls this Black. ^_-)


(OK, everyone calls this White. ^_-)

Los Angeles Apparel - Size 3XL

One nice thing about Los Angeles Apparel's 3XL size is that it comes with a normal sized neck unlike some other brands where the neck is oversized.

Yes, I had to use the 2XL model for size 3XL as well. This is a small business, so I can only afford one model. A consultant suggested that I feed the model fried chicken until he's up to 3XL size for a new photo shoot. Not sure if that will work though, he has a tendancy to burn off calories at Morfit Gym. ^_-

Point is this is enough to demonstrate the normal sized neck on this size. ^_^

Hey, the freelance photographer I used was one of those guys with a "will work for food" sign who had a cell phone with a camera in it. ^_-



Other sizes and colors will be available as Special Order items until I get a good gauge on what sells regularily.